My name is David R. Woeckener and I am the President of My Free and Clear Music and Real Artists Management. We specialize in artist development and building song-catalogs that will be pitched to TV and film. 


With the help of a few wonderful boutique publishing companies we have had over 1000 placements in over 40 TV shows to date. We work with artists on the craft of lyric and melody writing. We develop an artist brand that helps them stand out in a very crowded musical landscape. We also help them figure out who they are as well as who they are not. This builds careers that "know where they're going.

Many of our artists now have thriving careers in the music business in Nashville, Los Angeles and New York. All of them have had many placements of their music on TV and in film that we helped create. With three studios, two digital labels, a growing roster of wonderful singers and an ever expanding catalog of songs we are a passionate connection between artists and the industry.


Our full site is currently rolling out with an in-depth look at our artists as well as our services, which include recording everything from demos to album masters, building song catalogs to pitch, along with consulting and career guidance. We love what we do and we are here to help!




"Having Dave Woeckener on your team is a major asset! His experience, knowledge and enthusiasm shine in every project he works on. He has the eye and the ear for great talent and is passionate about it! It's inspiring and motivating to work with Dave!"  

- Amanda Cee / Music and Social Media Strategist, Much and House Public Relations 

"One word sums up the way Dave Woeckener works - passion.  He will only work with artists that he is passionate about and he has an innate gift of being able to focus and then spread that passion to the team he assembles around an artist.  When Dave approaches me about an artist, I listen because I know a lot of time, effort and passion has led up to the point where Dave felt it the right time for us to listen." 

- Michael Eames / President, PEN Music Group, Inc.


"Dave, it's such a pleasure to work with you. You really represent amazing dynamic artists. Thank you for always reaching out to us!"

- Rene Magallon / M:M Music (Voted 2011, 2012 & 2013 Triple A Independent Radio Promotion Company of the Year)

"We adore you Dave! You have the magic ears and the heart. We are with you all the way! " 

- Michele Clark / President, Sunset Sessions

"Dave's consistent passion, work ethic, guidance and vision are invaluable when it comes to navigating the music business. Trust me, You want him on your side."

- Porter Lori / Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist 

"I have seen how hard Dave Woeckener works for his touring artists in building out their careers. He is very passionate about what he does. I would work with him again anytime! " 

- Troy Blakely / Managing Partner and Head Of Concert Department, APA Agency

“We love working with Dave. He has a great ear for finding young capable talent. He knows how to prepare and develop an artist’s songwriting and performing ability in order to take them to the next level. Not only is he great at development, but the artists he has worked with over the years enjoy a tremendous amount of placements and exposure in top daytime and primetime TV shows, and in films.”

- Cindy Badell-Slaughter / President, Heavy Hitters Music Group

"Dave was a pleasure to work with. Truly one of the nicest and most hardworking people in the industry."

- Tash / Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist 



-  Matt Pav / Emmy Award-Winning Producer & Ccomposer