Mr. Whiskey

When the scene you’re working on requires an honest but raw look at the edges of life many men don't see, you turn to songs by Mr. Whiskey. He is not only accustomed to the darker side, he likes it there. 

Born in the loft of a barn in New Jersey as the turn of a harsh winter turned to spring, Mr. Whiskey knows there's a reason there's a thorn on every rose.  From the dark affection in “Right Amount Of Wrong,” a good time in “Free For All,” to his heart caught in a whirlwind in “She's My Thunderstorm,” he proves that life is a roller coaster - or you’re just plain stuck.  

Having spent twenty-eight years touring the world in bands in a converted school bus, The Whiskey Man wrote the book on the hard living, hard loving life of a rock and roll nomad.  

He currently has a catalog with almost 400 songs published. -Dave